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Contact - 70929 11122 Vivo Service Center provides you the best range of vivo v11 Pro, vivo NEX, vivo X21 and v9 mobile repairing services, vivo mobile display repairing services with expert repair technicians and high quality parts.

  • Diagnosis of damage and overall condition
  • Genuine spare parts, available immediately
  • Repair by qualified technicians
  • Standard and Customers' Satisfaction
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  • vivo mobile screen replacement, Vivo touch screen repair

    Vivo Screen Replacement Price

    Is your Vivo Mobile screen got cracked? We here can make it look like new if any such damage occurs to the LCD. It takes our expert technicians only an hour to fix the LCD for your devices. Our experts can make your device look like brand new by replacing the LCD and making a few small changes.

  • vivo mobile Battery replacement, Vivo Phone Battery repair

    Vivo Battery Replacement Price

    Is your Vivo phone takes Battery Repairs discharge longer to charge, if the device hold less battery life or the battery has become deformed, then it’s likely that the battery needs replacing. We help you to boosting your battery charging by either servicing it or by just replacing it, based on the issue.

  • Vivo Mobile Water damage, Spill Liquid Damage

    Vivo Mobile Water Damage

    If you have a Vivo phone that’s been liquid damaged not all is lost we have a very good success rate for repairing these issues, Water Damage devices can’t be work effectively as all the parts of your device was filled with the water and maybe damage to some of your parts internally. We provide service for all kinds of water damaged mobile devices.

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At Vivo Spot Service we have a developed team of highly skilled professional Technicians & Customer Support Service Experts. We Have constantly evolved & innovated ourselves in using latest technology & tools to repair all Android and Apple devices in the market at Affordable Prices.

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  • Professional Approach
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  • Repairing your devices since 2009!
  • Vivo Mobile Screen repairs are completed within 30mins!
  • We can and have repaired almost anything!
  • We use the highest genuine quality parts available!
  • You won’t find better service!
  • Microsoldering & Liquid damage specialists!
  • We endeavour on customer service above and beyond expectations!


Quality Guarantee

Vivo Mobile Spot Service. We absolutely guarantee our screens are the highest quality available on the market. We pride ourselves on being the best and most established repairers in the industry, and provide the highest quality parts available. Our work and reviews speak for themselves. Pricing includes installation and 90 days warranty. For other Vivo Smartphone repairs, please use our Quick Enquiry form or call our Chats wood repair centre on 70929 11122.